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Thread: Is Scuba Diving Hard To Learn

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    Is Scuba Diving Hard To Learn

    Yesterday when I was watching shark sight Scuba diving in Discovery channel, something flashed on my mind and from that minute I feel like learning this adventures activity. I called up adventures sports centres of Pondicherry and as well I took admission for scuba diving course, but now feeling fear to go attended the classes.. Is this course very dangerous??

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    Well Avina,
    The more comfortable you are in the water and the more attempts you dedicate to learning scuba diving, that smoother the learning process is.
    While youíre freewheeling around and enjoying the underwater sights, youíre engaged in only three basic talents i.e. Kicking, Floating & Breathing. The more you practice the more you gain, achieve and enjoy the underwater sight. So donít worry and fear for anything until unless youíre under proper coach.

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