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Thread: Best flirting sms messages

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    Best flirting sms messages

    My friend forwards all flirt sms to girls, always he is the person who is favorite to all girls in my college. Even I want to try the same but where to get Flirt Sms can some share some flirting sms to me. Good one.

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    “I can talk with anybody nonstop.
    But whenever I see you I am speechless.

    Because you are my angel”

    “Don't ever flirt with someone whom you don't want to be with.. because in the middle of that flirting stuff, falling in-love happens.,.”

    “Moon is 4 night...
    Night is 4 day...
    Day is 4 sun...
    Sun is 4 earth...
    Earth is 4 u...
    And u is 4 me”

    “I loved someone dearly but my heart broke in many pieces, Now each piece loves someone and people call me a flirt”

    “Hi, I’m lost in your eyes; can you give me the directions to your heart?”

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