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Thread: Best Scuba Diving Vacation Destinations In India

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    Best Scuba Diving Vacation Destinations In India

    Which are the best Scuba diving locations in India?
    Next week we are scheduling All India trip for selective members at our organization and they all are guys, hope scuba diving will be the most adventures and exciting sport to enjoy and experience!!
    Leave your valuable answers as early as possible!!

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    India is one of the reputed countries of Asian continent for diving sport, day by day the inventions of diving sights is being increased especially Lakshadweep has 36 island out of which only 2 are open to the visitors, those 2 islands are named as Bangaram & Kadmat.

    Bangaram Island has 9 different underwater sights namely:-

    Shallow Point
    3 Anchors and a ring
    Bangaram lagoon
    Manta Point
    Little canyon
    Princess Royal Wreck
    Thinnakkara Hill
    Grand Canyon
    Ode to pink Floyd.

    There are some more interesting diving detinations like,
    Andaman Islands Must dive destination

    Goa - Diving off Goa presents luxuriant coral gardens, peak sight and a variety of shipwrecks

    Pondicherry International holiday experience spot, this island has found 6 different under water sights, they are
    The Hole - The dive starts from 30M
    Ravines - The dive starts from 30M
    Shy Shark Reef - 23M depth
    Groupers Gorge - Knon as tyre town
    4 Corners - Up to 18M depth
    Aravind's Wall Has 12 subdivisions which includes shark sight natural progression sight and etc

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