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Thread: Scuba Diving In Goa Packages

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    Scuba Diving In Goa Packages

    Hello everyone,

    We (friends) have planned to go on a trip to Goa, to get a short-time relief to regain our energy from the hectic schedule. As this is the first time, we are so excited how the tour will be… We came to know that, Goa is famous for its adventurous games, especially Scuba Diving.

    I would like to know, the Scuba Diving packages in Goa?

    Eagerly waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Hi friend,

    I feel happy for your trip!!! The tourists visiting Goa never avoid enjoying this most adventurous game of Scuba Diving. There are several websites serves for booking the scuba packages in advance.

    I would like to share the local packages and Pigeon Island Excursions which offers many attractive discounts to the tourists of Goa. The cost varies according to the dives in each package.

    Local Packages:

    4 Dives – 2 Days – Rs. 4800
    6 Dives – 3 Days – Rs. 7000
    8 Dives – 4 Days – Rs. 9000
    10 Dives – 5 Days – Rs. 10500
    40 Dives – Season Package – Rs. 26000

    Pigeon Island Excursions:

    5 Dives – 1 Night – Rs. 15000
    7 Dives – 2 Nights – Rs. 18500
    Advanced Course with 1 Night – Rs. 17000
    Open Water Course with 1 Night – Rs. 22000

    You can also enjoy other Water Sports like Water-Skiing, Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing, Parasailing, etc.

    Explore the unseen marine life!!!

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