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Thread: How much does scuba diving cost in Goa

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    How much does scuba diving cost in Goa


    Last week, I have read an article about the most interesting and adventurous sport - Scuba Diving. I have planned to go on a family trip to Goa in September. I am eager to indulge myself and my family in scuba diving to have more fun and excitement.

    I would like to know, how much does scuba diving cost in Goa?

    Please share your valuable information here!!!

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    First thank the Lord for making you read that article before going to Goa. If not, you might have missed the opportunity of enjoying scuba diving.

    There are local sites offering courses on diving, excursion dives and packages for this scuba in Goa. The price of every single dive is different from others. Even the non-certified divers and the first-timers can have a lot of fun from this.

    The costs of scuba diving in Goa are:


    • 2 Days - 4 Local Dives – Rs. 3850
    • 3 Days - 6 Local Dives – Rs. 5500
    • 4 Days - 8 Local Dives – Rs. 6400
    • 5 Days - 10 Local Dives – Rs. 7500

    Local Sites: (Grande Island)

    • Guided Dives: One Tank – Rs. 1430 and Two Tanks – Rs. 2200
    • Introductory Dive – Rs. 2200
    • Advanced Course – Rs. 10000
    • Open Water Course – Rs. 15000
    • Rescue Course – Rs. 15000
    • Divemaster Course –Rs. 20000

    Excursion Dives (Pigeon Island):

    This excursion dives is different from local dives and packages. This includes pick-up and drop facility, hotel accommodation, meals etc.

    • Two Dives – Rs. 8000
    • 4 Dives – Rs. 12000 (2 Nights in Murdeshwar Hotel)
    • Advanced Course Including Pigeon Island Trip –Rs. 17,000

    Discover the underwater sea life!!!

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