Hello everyone,

This thread is only for T20 Cricket Lovers!!!

While talking about cricket with my friends, we got stuck up at the point of T20 World Cup 2012. No one have any idea about its start, team list, etc. Then, I surfed through sites to gather more information about it. I would like to share things about T20 2012 which I’ve gathered through the internet.

The T20 World Cup is going to gratify the thirst of cricket enthusiasts from 18th September, 2012 in Sri Lanka. ICC has officially revealed the World Cup schedule, and 27 matches are going to be held in the period of September-October.

The developer and operational body of the World T20 2012 is FTP – The Future Cricket Tour Programs. Sri Lanka is the host of T20, and the other participating countries are Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies and Zimbabwe.

T20 will be challenged by 12 teams, and they are divided into four groups.
Group A – India, England and Afghanistan
Group B – Australia and West Indies and Ireland
Group C - Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe
Group D - Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh

The final match is going to be held at the Premdasa Stadium on October 7th, which will fulfill this 20 odd day-long tournament.

Let’s wait with all our expectations!!!

Please come forward to share your excitement and about the match once it gets started.