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Thread: Indian railway booking on mobile

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    Indian railway booking on mobile

    Hello People,

    I am a person traveling very often in train. I was booking the tickets online every time. I was to make the ticket booking over my phone though am outside anywhere it would fulfill my need by booking. I heard there is a new way of booking done over phone.

    Kindly share the correct details so that I donít lose my money. Thanks!

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    Hello Dear,

    There is a way for booking the tickets over mobile phone. Firstly application software has to be downloaded on your mobile handset. This software is provided by the respective service provider firmís viz., NGPAY, PLAYMATE and ATOM. The application can be downloaded from IRCTC website and the web link is www.irctc.co.in.

    These mobile applications are functional on most of the GPRS or browser-based mobile phones, from basic model to high end ones. Internet is required on mobile phones to book tickets through mobile. You have to register for the first transaction and then book the ticket using username and password.

    You will be charged for ticket fare and applicable payment gateway charges. Hope you got an idea on it.

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