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Thread: How to book Indian railway ticket online

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    How to book Indian railway ticket online

    Hello People,

    I am an intermediate student and I have a requirement on Indian railway booking. My father asked me to book tickets online. The sad part is I am not aware of the procedure. Can you guys please keep me posted about the procedure which would be a great help for me.

    I surfed the net and could not find the exact information.

    Thank You.

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    The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd provides the facility to book train tickets online. In order to book train tickets through the IRCTC website (External website that opens in a new window), you need to be a registered user. Complete details regarding the registration procedure are also available on the website www.irctc.co.in/.

    There are 3 other important websites for Indian railway booking. I made an effort to get the information and sharing it for you.

    www.indianrail.gov.in - Availability, Fare information and PNR Status for Indian Railways. This site is often mistyped as indianrailways.com, indianrail.com and Indianrailways.gov.in by users.

    www.irctc.co.in - IRCTC site, the official Indian Railways Online Booking website, often miss pelt as IRCTC.com, IRCT, IRTC, IRCYC, IRCRC and ICTC.

    www.trainenquiry.com - Trains Timetable and current running information on current status of trains and general information about all the trains operated by Indian Railways.

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