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Thread: Weekend Getaways For Singles

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    Weekend Getaways For Singles

    I had enough of work stress and I need to get away for this weekend, kindly suggest good spots for singles. If you also wish to give any advices, plz do it here

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    Excursion is necessary for stress relieve!!

    If you wish to go abroad these are the best places which offer pleasant entertainment and experience.
    New York, Miami, Tucson, Amsterdam, London, Florida, Las Vegas, Greece, France & Spain

    Tourist spots for singles in India includes Andaman Islands, Himachal Pradesh, Kochi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Madikeri, coorg Sikkim.

    The destinations which I have shared above has plentiful amusement stuffs like, museums, parks, water lands, hill station, snowy hills, pilgrims centers & historical places, known to my knowledge these are the places suggested mostly for singles.

    Happy Journey!!

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