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Thread: Elica split chimney price India

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    Elica split chimney price India

    Hello All,

    We have completed the construction of my dream home. I am always worried and showing concern on my kitchen. I want everything to be best in my kitchen because health is important on what we cook in the kitchen. I am looking for Elica split Chimney that suits my kitchen. Please collate the information and share it here.


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    Hi Dear,

    As you said kitchen is very important, I do agree with that. I have listed the prices below.

    Split Spot LTW 90 PB - Rs.30,990
    Split Flat Glass LTW 90 PB - Rs.28,990
    Split Glace LTW 90 PB - Rs.33,990
    Split Flat Glass LTW 60 PB - Rs.26,990
    Split Glace LTW 75 PB - Rs.33,990
    Split Spot LTW 60 PB - Rs.27,990
    Split Ametista LTW 90 ELN - Rs.33,990
    Split Claude LTW 60 PB - Rs.13,290

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