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Thread: Indian Railway Platform Ticket

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    Indian Railway Platform Ticket


    I am from pune, Aur mein pune se mumbai atha jatha rehtha hu, meri business hain dono jage pe.. ek mahine se maine travel nahi kiya mera thabhiyath kuch teek nahi tha... Jabh mein phir se gaya toh jana ke railway platform ticket bhadgaya.. pehle 2 rs that abh 5 rs hogaya ? Que yar ?

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    Hello Sir..

    Even I have read this in some news paper that from 1st may 2012 the Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi declared that the Visitors to railway stations will have to pay Rs 5 from now onwards.. there are 1000 of ppl purchase platform ticket everyday.. Mujhe nahi patha ke government hama re saath Q itne na insaaf kare hain... pehle petrol ka dhaam badaya abh iska.. Patha nahi iss desh ka kya hoga...

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    Actually there is no specific reason behind it.It may be due to they find difficult to give a change whenever some gives a Rs10 note.And in India cost of everything is rising.

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