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Thread: please if anybody can help/suggest

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    please if anybody can help/suggest

    I Mohammed Rasheed used to have Passport no=A2154138 dated 11Oct1996 which was lost during traveling from Vikarabad to Hyderabad.So i applied for passport file no F/014091/2007 along with original FIR copy and my passport xerox and other document of address on 3rd july 2007 which was not issued to me nor did the police verification ,as i was away from Hyderabad i didn't en quire about that and the file was closed on 31Dec2008.and when i came to know about it i applied again for passport on 17Jun2011 whose file no is HYDA04333011.my police verification is also done this time but after few month i got a letter from passport office asking about the suppression of material information of previous passport and submit the same. applied vide no F0140912007.when i got this letter i again submitted all the document on 16 dec 2011.but still i didnt get my passport.I again revisted passport office on 26 jun 2012.they said that my file no HYDA04333011 had been closed and gave me the paper for closing my file and said to apply freshly for passport after 15 days. i had reported this to you earlier in public grievance ..kindly suggest me what i have to do next. my email address is rmrmohammed3@gmail.com

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    Please carry all documents mentioned here the passport which you have losted take that along with you and also with fir copies.. Take all your Id and address proof with you it hast to be original or xerox as well it can be your voter id, DL, Tenth school certificate along with you in all the mention documents your DOB should be matched if anything goes wrong they reject your passport... When you applied for the second time freshly take that document as well and go to the passport office in hyderabad, just brief them what you have under went they will surely help you...

    Or else you cand do like this just consult a local travel agency even theye can help you to make a new passport but it will cost you 8k to 9k if you are ok with this try it ASAP..

    Any help please feel free to ask!!

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