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Thread: Top ten Telugu songs 2012

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    Talking Top ten Telugu songs 2012

    I am looking for the best Telugu songs of the year 2012. I want to download the songs and listen whenever I get time.. Please tell me which are the top Telugu songs that you would like to listen in your free time…

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    I love Telugu songs very much… Now a days composers are giving their best music’s.. All the songs are fantastic… My favorite songs are:
    1. Kevvu Keka from Gabbar Singh
    2. Nee Choopule from Endukanta premante
    3. Dillaku from Racha
    4. Chori Chori from Lovely
    5. Intazare from Love Failure
    6. Ela Ela from Panja
    7. Dubba Dubba from Nippu
    8. Oh Ringa Ringa from 7th sense
    9. Oh My Friend From Oh My Friend
    10. Pista Pista from Mr. Nookayya

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