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Thread: Needing a parents for a baby boy

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    Needing a parents for a baby boy

    i have a friendin the philipines who is looking for loving couple for his 1 year old child and the mother who is filipino to adopt someone who could love his child for true bec. the father of his child who is an indian leave them nd marry other woman so she is stil in pain right now and dont know how to raise him and how to start a new life to get over of the pains if u r interested pls kindly email me at akira.lewis@ymail.com thanks.

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    Hi Akira,

    You have told that, the baby boy has born to an Indian. I just want to know, whether the child is in India or in Philippines? That is, the child is an Indian Citizen or Philippines Citizen? If you have provided all the necessary details, I might have given you the correct information.

    Be specific in such a way that your queries are solved with appropriate solutions!!!

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