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Thread: Independence Day Songs In Telugu

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    Independence Day Songs In Telugu

    2012 Independence Day is falling on Wednesday August 15th, I am very glad about it; coz for the first time am celebrating this occasion with special children in Hyderabad. I have set up few programs for those kids and arranged rich foods and clothing’s.
    To make this event more interesting am taking 20 of my neighbor children for interacting with kids presented at Ashram. Currently am in search of soothing national Telugu songs for one of the activity, kindly somebody suggest the name of the songs.

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    On all national festival these below listed songs will be played on every Telugu tv channels & schools and colleges of telugu state. Hope some of these songs are easy to mug up for kids…

    • Padavoye Bharatheeyuda
    • Naa Janmabhoomi
    • Mana Bapuji
    • Gandhi Puttina Desam
    • Nee Dharmam Nee Sangam
    • Undhile manchiKalam
    • MaTenuguTalliki
    • Telugu JaathiManadi
    • Khadgam
    • Bapu Nuvve Ravali
    • Deshamante
    • Bhale Tata Mana Bapuji
    • Telugu Veera Levara
    • Veera Bhaaratheeya
    • Nenu Naa Desam

    Happy Independence Day!!

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    here is some list of Independence Day Songs In Telugu

    Bhale Tata Mana Bapuji
    Bharatha Maathaku
    Ee Janda
    Meme Indians
    Naa Janma Bhoomi Ento
    O Bapu Nuvve Ravali
    Punya Bhoomi
    Telugu Veera Levara
    Veera Bhaaratheeya
    Vinaraa Vinaraa
    Ye Desamegina
    Nenu Naa Desam

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    Hey all,

    The above list is quite enough to choose the best song to be performed on the Independence Day. I have found few more songs that show patriotism, and I would like to add them here:

    Maathrubhoomi - Ravanna
    Telladorala Cheranunchi - Neti Gandhi
    Janani Jnmabhoomichha - Bobbili Puli
    Nee Dharmam Nee Sangam - Kodalu Diddina Kapuram

    Thanks everyone!!!

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