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Thread: Canon Powershot D20 Review

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    Canon Powershot D20 Review

    Canon Powershot D20 a latest camera has come out with beautiful colors like blue and yellow, also this product has rocky look, itís very impressive. Can somebody write a brief note on its specification?? Also tell me wdr itís worth buying or notÖ

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    Exactly, Canon Powershot D20 colors are very attractive and rich in camera interface. This camera has both pros and cons qualities. Firstly let me start with positive comments like it has sharp lens, excellent video capture resolution, water proof design, has multiple picture effects and color modes, fully automatic.
    The negative points are, confusion in menu, Feature set is relatively sparse, mediocre lens hurts image quality, lengthy shutter lag.

    I bring to conclusion by saying the negative points of Canon Powershot D20 is convinced, if u ask me how? Once we start using the product we will get used to it naturally and there wonít be any problem in learning the menu character. Lengthy shutter lag and thin feature set is not a big issue at all when comparing to overall cameraís good feature. ďIt is worth buying Canon Powershot D20Ē

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