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Thread: india's best performance in olympics

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    india's best performance in olympics

    Hi friends

    I am studying in 9th standard. My mam as given us assignment about India's best performance in Olympics I don't know much on it. please guys help me out by giving the detail in formation which i want to submit next week

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    I would Like to give few information which will be helpful to complete your assignment

    India won only three medals in the beijing olympics 2008 . India has emerged in the sprots .who made it despite the odds against them. Poverty, lack of political will, malnutrition, poor infrastructure, lack of sponsorship (only cricket and horse racing seem to fare well monetarily), equipment, corruption, lack of organization, social immobility….the list is endless as to what’s wrong with India in the Olympics.
    According to several statistics, India is the country in the world with the lowest number of total Olympic medals per capita othe countries like russia, us and china dominate the olympic games medals ranks Abhinav Bindra, 25 from Chandigarh, won a gold in the 10-meter air rifle competition, Vijender Kumar, 23, a bus driver’s son from a village about 80 miles from here, won a bronze in boxing and Sushil Kumar, 24,
    The number of Olympic medals won per million inhabitants in the Sydney Olympic Games 2000.

    This will help you to complete the assignment

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