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Thread: Independence Day Songs In Kannada

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    Independence Day Songs In Kannada

    India is the underpinning of human race, the nurse of history, the grandmother of myth, the birthplace of human speech, and the great grandmother of custom. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only! The lady who has tossed all these independence must be honored with great pleasure and bliss by citizen of this country. Likewise, am celebrating this auspicious national festival by hoisting flag, distributing sweets, singing songs conducting cultural activities and etc. Now am looking out for Kannada Independence Day (patriotic) song, this is needed for one of the activities we conduct. If any of you guys have the list instantly, then kindly do share it here!!


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    Exactly, Shiva it’s our duty to tribute our Bharatha Matha (Bhuvaneshwari Matha) with vast contentment, by singing national anthem, hoisting flag, few minutes silent prayers for ex freedom fighters, serving sweets and clothes for people at orphan, afforestation program to go green, conducting worthy activities, workshops for all age group and etc.
    Only on this particular day we see whole nation being on rest and peace, let’s stick together and make this 66th Independence Day as significant event……
    The following are set of famous Kannada patriotic songs which are played very often all over Karnataka on national festival days…

    1. Ee Mannu Nammadu E Gaali Namadu
    2. Cheluvina Muddina
    3. Hachhevu Kannadada Deepa
    4. Ee Namma Naade Chandavu
    5. Jai Jai Yenni
    6. Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Thanujaathe
    7. Naavellaru Onde
    8. Yendigu Mareyada
    9. Yesthondhu Chandave
    10. Naada Habba
    11. Kannaare Nee Nodu
    12. Sirivanaadaru
    13. Namma Maneya
    14. Yava Nelada Gandha Gaali
    15. Katta Banni Tarunare
    16. Kaledihudu kaavirulu
    17. Samarasyada Navya Yugake
    18. Ennadeya Bisi Rakta
    19. Rashtra Devige Prana Devige
    20. Kaamana billu kamanu kaTTide

    Happy Independence Day!!

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    Indian Independence Day Songs List - Kannada

    Yalla Bheda Martu
    Hu Hareyada Honganasugale
    Gelu daniyu gudu gudugi
    Karava Jodisa Banni
    Kaledihudu kaavirulu
    Katta Banni Tarunare
    Samarasyada Navya Yugake
    Taruna Balada
    Ennadeya Bisi Rakta

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    Hii Every1..
    Thank you so much shiva, shalini and naina..

    You have given a good list of Independence day song in Kannada..

    This year my daughter who is 7 years old has given her name i singing the patriotic song in her school.. I was very confused about selecting the song.. I want her to sing patriotic song in Kannada.. This list have helped me a lot in selecting the song for her..

    I have selected "Ee Mannu Nammadu E Gaali Namadu" song.. I am going to teach few lines to her..

    Thank you so much for the list of such a wonderful patriotic song in kannada..

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