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Thread: How long does it take to learn scuba diving?

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    How long does it take to learn scuba diving?

    Hi friends,

    Last month, I went to Goa with my best friends. We went to Pigeon Island, which is 10Kms away from Karnataka and can be easily accessible from Goa and Mumbai. I came to know that, this site is meant for scuba diving, and presently it is closed because of off-season.

    I would like to know, how long does it take to learn scuba diving and which is the ideal season for scuba diving???

    Please help me!!!

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    Hi friend,

    You went in the scuba diving off-season. The ideal season for scuba diving in Goa is from October to May.

    The non-certified persons can also go for this scuba diving, because there are many options for them in most of the diving sites. Even so, majority of the best diving areas requires a certification. If you want to enjoy most of the nature's awesome diving sites, undergoing a diving certification program is needed.

    As the diving is a performance-based skill, hence there’s no definite period for actual learning process. Usually a standard certification program takes only 4 - 6 weeks. It purely depends on the skills and the interest of the student. For master diving, it might take several weeks for some enthusiasts.

    Hope, this information could be useful to you!!!

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