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Thread: Scuba Diving Places In Karnataka

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    Scuba Diving Places In Karnataka

    Hi every1..
    I learnt swimming and diving.. I used to swim in the swimming pool nearby by residence.. I want to experience diving in large water body.. Do you guyzz know any lake or river that has diving and swimming facility in Karnataka?

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    You can go to Netrani Island.. This is a small island near small fishing village Murudeshwar and is shaped like the upturned boat with some plankton flora’s on it..
    The dive site is located here. It ranges from 6 to 40 meters deep and have clear dark deep blue coloured water..

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    You are correct.. Murudeshwar is the best place for diving in Karnataka.. You can see marine life from Barracuda, Jacks, Snappers, Red tooth triggerfish, Indian Bannerfish, large shark- like Cobia, Groupers, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Pufferfish and Napoleon Wrasse.

    Hard coral fringing reef and coral bommies are the type of divings available here..
    Murudeshwar and Bhatkal are the nearest station to netrani island.
    Netrani is considered as the best Dive place in karmnataka..

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