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Thread: 5 Best Romantic Monsoon Destinations In India

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    5 Best Romantic Monsoon Destinations In India

    Hi friends!
    Now monsoon has started and the climate is too pleasant that I want to go for outing with my husband and enjoy the climate.. But I am confused about the place.. Please help me out in finding the Best Romantic Monsoon Destination in India. I am eagerly waiting for your valuable replies..

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    Yooohh!! Tats the best way to enjoy the climate..
    You know I recently went to Kumarakom in Kerala.. It is a fantastic place to visit in Kerala.. It is famous for its backwaters. It also has bird’s sanctuary.
    Next best place in India is Ladakh and Leh
    Munnar is one of the most beautiful place to visit in Monsoon..
    And Goa is also the marvelous place to visit in monsoon..

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    According to me,The best five monsoon destinations in India are-

    2.Ladakh and Leh

    3.The Valley of Flowers National Park

    4.Periyar National Park


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    In India if you have to romance day out and in then there are multiple places. You need to know exactly where ceaseless validity is given. Some of the best inviting Romantic Monsoon Destinations are like:


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    I love monsoon season, that’s when we feel close to the nature it would be nice if visiting the below mentioned place with your beloved ones. New married people can visit these places with their loved ones, there can be nothing special than this. Here are some popular monsoons destinations check it out.
    • Jog falls in Karnataka. This is the best place to visit during monsoon season.
    • Coorg
    • Kerala
    • Ooty and Kodaikanal
    • Kuttalamaruvi
    • Goa
    Every day and every place will be the best if you spend it with your loved one. All the best.

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