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Thread: How Much Does it Cost to Learn Scuba Diving

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    How Much Does it Cost to Learn Scuba Diving


    My son is 8 years old. He is very much interested in swimming and the other things in diving, etc.. Now recently he is telling he wanna join scuba diving I am little worried can anyone suggest me please. Will this be right age for him to go for scuba diving and how much will it cost me please... And what are the things will they teach him to please. I dont have any idea on thing please guide me...
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    Yes KateGyll,
    You can allow your son for scuba diving training.. It is the perfect age for him to learn scuba diving.. But the trainers check the maturity level of your kid, if they are okay then immediately they will start training him…
    The course fee depends on the Scuba Diving School.. The fees are different at different place..

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    Hey Dear..

    I am located in India at present, but my son learnt this when I was in UK.. At the beginning the course started in the swimming pool only and there is no harm in learning scuba, in fact it will be thrilling for them in learning, the course available is

    1) Deep diving.
    2) Navigation.
    3) Elective dive

    If your son will like to go in any of these and the diving equipment if you purchase it will be good as per my advice.. They will charge you more.

    In UK it cost me $ 450 Inr 25200, which is with equipment for 3 months course and with out equipment it will cost $ 200 Inr 11200..

    Hope this information will help you surely!! If any kind of doubt please feel free to ask me..

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