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Thread: samsung wb100 camera price

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    samsung wb100 camera price

    I want to buy in camera i want to go samsung camera because it gives the good clarity guys can any one guide me about the samsung wb 100 camera with price so it will help to know better

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    samsung wb100 camera price

    Samsung is the world first 5x optical zoom and 24mm ultra wide it has the compact high camera equipped with the sort of advanced zoom lens technology traditionally seen only in SLR cameras

    it has the 16.2 mega pixels ,
    3d photo capturing
    live panorama mode
    Magic fram and smart filter
    Dimen sions 114. 48x 86. 45x 79 .26 mm
    micro sd card slot

    The price in india not available yet guys keep in touch with this id if the price is published we will b e able to update in this id

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