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Thread: Who is your favorite singer ?

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    Who is your favorite singer ?

    Well i like many singers but no one is my favorite. But i want to share the views of people about their favorite singer
    Who is your favorite singer ? and why ??????????????????????

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    Hello Guys!!
    Jonathan Richman is my favorite singer. I like it. His voice is very cute...

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    I have infinite number of favorite singers in film industries that include Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood & Sandalwood… the below list tells who and why

    • Kishore Kumar – Mind-blowing singer who has sung 100’s & 100’s of beautiful songs that consists genres like Melody, bale bale, folk, western, classical and etc.

    • Himesh Reshammiya - All his love feel songs just take my breath away for fraction of minute

    • Sukhwinder Singh – This legend has bold and beautiful voice, the songs that have revealed yet by combination of Sukhwinder A. R. Rahman just strike all our heart and keep us day dreaming while listening to their music.

    • Sonu Nigam – This man pitch beautiful feel for all his love and poignant songs. My al time fav

    • Gopika Poornima, Jayanthi Naini & Ch.Raju Are Famous For Classical, Romantic And Vocal Genres

    Kolly wood:-
    This industry has ‘N’ number of beautiful singers who attract various language people’s of India, the following are as such singer’s names.

    • Illayaraja
    • AR. Rahman
    • P. B. Sreenivas
    • S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
    • Hariharan
    • Sujatha Mohan
    • K. S. Chithra
    • K. J. Yesudas
    • Harish Raghavendra
    • Mano
    • Karthik
    • Chinmayi
    • Tippu
    • Harini
    • Haricharan
    • Anuradha Sriram
    • Srinivas
    • Uni Krishnan
    • Uni Menon

    Sandal Wood:-
    The most developing industry has quite pretty decent singers namely
    • Naresh Iyer
    • Hamsaleka

    • Michael Joseph Jackson - A singer who cuts across all borders of taste, style and color…..

    The below set of singers songs are my daily ringtone and msg tone
    • Shakira
    • Britney-Spears
    • Ricky Martin
    • Akon
    • Eminem

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    my favorite one is farhan akhtar

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    Hey all,

    My favorite singers are Harish Raghavender, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Chinmayi and Shreya Goshal.

    I don’t know, what’s there in their voice. Their voices are unique, and I can find out the songs that are sung by them. I do have a play list in my system, which is sung only by them. We can feel the life in their voice, and my heart throbs according to their voice-modulation.

    Listen to their music and relax yourself!!!

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    Hi all,

    Everyone’s likes and dislikes is different from others. Likewise, favorite singer of my choice is the great Indian Playback Singer – S.P.Balasubramaniam. He is the only playback singer in India to have won National Film Awards (6 times) across four languages and Nandi Awards (25 times) from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

    He is not only a singer, but also an actor, film producer, voice actor and music director. He holds the Guinness Record for singing number songs in the world.

    Wherever I go, whatever the mood may be, I used to listen to all the melodies sung by him.

    I can feel the magic in his voice!!!

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    I have information about the best singer is
    my favorite one is farhan akhtar

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