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Thread: Hows FH Ingolstadt for International Automotive Engineering ???

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    Post Hows FH Ingolstadt for International Automotive Engineering ???

    I want information about Masters in International Automotive Engineering IN FH Ingolstadt. It has got a low ranking among world universities. Please, help me out

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    Hii akash.sarkar
    Master Program in International Automotive Engineering offers the thorough knowledge of techniques and methods that are applied in all the phases of life cycle of modern automobiles.
    The program concentrates on the aspects of development and production. Solid Engineering is required for getting the training of this program.. Engineers with interdisciplinary knowledge in mechanics, electronics and computer science are particularly wanted. Furthermore, engineers have to be capable of living and working in a global community.
    Programme Overview:
    The program provides a comprehensive view on the specificity of engineering concepts and procedures in the field of automotive development and production. It qualifies students for solving automotive specific and engineering problems.
    The program consists of compulsory and mandatory elective modules.
    Compulsory modules are:
    • Automotive Mechanics
    Knowledge about the driving operation e.g. vehicle forces, power transfer, driving conditions, driving limits
    • Automotive Mechatronics
    Power control, electromagnetic power generation, vehicle sensors and interfaces of control devices, programming and construction of control devices
    • Advanced Control Engineering
    Knowledge about analogous and digital control systems of a vehicle
    • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
    Knowledge about the modeling of the technical systems of a vehicle, their mathematical approach and their tool-based implementation
    • Product Development and Quality Assurance
    Basic knowledge and automotive specific aspects of quality assurance and product development processes
    • Product Life Cycle Management
    • Project
    Possibility to work interdisciplinary and in team on new, complex tasks

    Mandatory elective subjects enable the development of an individual study profile. From each of the following catalogues students have to select one module:
    Catalogue "Automotive Technology & Manufacturing"
    • Automotive Design
    Competencies in automotive technology and design
    • Value Optimized Production Processes
    Planning and implementation of automotive production lines
    • Materials and Surface Engineering
    Development, characterization and use of materials and coating techniques for automotive development
    • Power Train
    Design and operation of drive components
    • Simulation of Structures
    Methods of describing kinematics and dynamics of mechanical and mechatronical systems
    Catalogue "Automotive Electronics & Information Technology"
    • Automotive Electronic Systems Engineering
    Specification and development of mechatronical control systems of automobiles
    • Automotive Electronics
    Electrical and electronic principles of power generation and control systems of automobiles
    • Automotive Communication Systems
    Principles of automotive communication between information processing components
    • Automotive Software Engineering
    Application of methods and procedures of developing security-critical software
    • Active Safety
    Function and classification of driver assistance systems and safety systems, their sensor and sensor data processing
    Applicants will have to fulfill the following requirements:
    • A Bachelor’s degree with final grade “good” (at least) in Engineering or Computer Engineering from a German university or an equivalent grade from an equivalent foreign university
    • Good knowledge of the English language as certified e.g. by the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a corresponding score
    Completion of an engineering program or a program in computer science or a program in technical computer science at a German university or a comparable degree from an equivalent foreign university with a minimum of 210 ECTS credits. The final grades has to be 2,5 or better. Solely the examination committee decides whether a particular degree or university is equivalent.

    Successfully completion of the aptitude test

    Sufficient knowledge of the English language, as certified by a TOEFL test (Test Of English As A Foreign Language) score of at least 530 points (paper based), at least 197 points (computer based) or at least 71 (internet based), or any equivalent certification. This certification is not required of applicants who have completed their secondary school or university degree in the English language or when the applicant is a citizen of a country where English is spoken as a first language.

    Application period:
    15th November till 15th January for the summer semester
    2nd May till 15th July for the winter semester
    Contact: Student Office (Room Z463)
    Phone: 0049841/9348-137
    Email: studienangelegenheiten@haw-ingolstadt.de
    Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m.
    Monday – Thursday 1.00 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.

    General Student Counseling
    Sabine Dörr
    Phone: +49 841 9348 - 121
    E-Mail: studienberatung@ haw-ingolstadt.de

    Questions about registration and examination procedures
    Office of Student Affairs
    Phone: + 49 841 9348 - 137
    E-Mail: studienangelegenheiten@ haw-ingolstadt.de

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