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Thread: Top Ten Telugu Songs 2012

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    Top Ten Telugu Songs 2012

    I love Telugu songs but I don’t have the latest collection.. Can anybody please help me by listing the latest Telugu songs?

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    Its nice to see that you love Telugu songs..
    I love Telugu melody songs..
    Telugu movies are famous for its Romantic scenes and Love songs..
    In that manner, I have listed you my favorite songs from the recently released movies…
    Dil Se – Gabbar Singh
    Konchem Konchem – Eega
    Chinnadhana – Ishq
    Nuvvantey Chala – Dhevudu Chesina Manushulu
    Chill Out – Endukante Premanta
    Ga Ee Ga Ee Ga – Eega
    Oh Priya Priya – Ishq
    Mee Intaki Mundhu – Julai
    Akasam Ammayaithe – Gabbar Singh
    Lachchamma - Ishq

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