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Thread: Best place for scuba diving in India

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    Best place for scuba diving in India

    Hi all,

    I love adventurous games. Recently, I have learnt snorkeling - which is the most amazing and daring activity. I am planning to learn scuba diving also. I came to know that; scuba diving offers the great evolution in youngsters among all the adventurous games.

    Can anyone tell me, the list of best destinations for Scuba Diving in India?

    Waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hi friend,

    That’s so good of you!!! Having the special interests in learning the adventurous games is an amazing quality. I will help you by listing the best places for scuba diving and the finest time to visit those destinations in this thread:

    Agatti Island – Lakshwadeep – November to May
    Netrani Island – Karnataka – December and January

    Havelock Island – Andaman and Nicobar Islands – October to May
    Suzy’s Wreck, Jetty, Bounty Bay, Uma Guma Reef, Shelter Cove, Davy Jones Locker – Goa – October to May

    Be a certified diver to explore the exotic marine life. Happy diving!!!

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