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Thread: Career Counselling Query

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    Career Counselling Query

    My name is Ashwini. I've completed my b.tech this year. Now I am looking for job. But I was always rejected for my poor communication skill and my knowledge. What should I do to improve my skills? Suggest me.

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    Hello sirashwini..

    How you doing ? Hope your fine.. For good communication try speaking loudly to every one and take out from your mind that you are doing mistake.. Talk wrongly that is ok if you make mistake then only you will get a chance to come up. Read more magazines and stories and novels you will gain some knowledge.. And go through some interview training I mean some spoken english etc.. so that you have a good communication skill soon..

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    Thumbs up Communication problem

    Ya fine! your query is important and most of the candidates suffering from such problems. You can help from English speaking course and also try to speak with confidence to anyone. Because hesitation the main building block in this way.

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