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Thread: samsung projector mobile price

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    samsung projector mobile price

    Hi guys,

    This is smithy!!!!! I am a college student and I am planning to buy a mobile phone with advanced technology and with all the features …….

    I heard that Samsung have come up with the latest model which has a projector in it …. Can you tell me about the price range of it??

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    Hello everybody,

    In today’s world there is a tremendous improvement in technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can see the technological developments in various fields……

    There are various mobile companies which provide you with best service; Samsung is one among them. It has come up with latest model with the projector which helps us to view in a larger screen as well as helpful to prepare some presentation

    It is preferably sold for reasonable price
    the latest model of it is Samsung beam; it is a android 2.1 mobile phone which has a larger screen of 3.7 inches with super amoled touchscreen, 8 mega pixel camera and a pico projector with it!!!!!!!!!!

    The price range of this will be around 20000…………. If you know anything more about it feel free to share your views!!!!!!!!

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