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Thread: How To Refund Money From IRCTC For Failed Transaction

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    How To Refund Money From IRCTC For Failed Transaction

    Hey all,

    My sister is doing her Internship in Chennai in an MNC. She is planning to come to our native for Ramzan and Independence Day. For that, she booked the tickets in IRCTC. As thereís a sudden power failure, the transaction failed while making payment.

    I just want to know, how can I get that money back from IRCTC for that failed transaction???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hey Friend,

    Donít worry!!! I have faced this many of the times and got my money back too.

    First, check it clearly, whether the ticket has been booked or not. Sometimes, tickets were successfully booked, though it showed that the transaction is failed. Usually, the amount for the unordered ticket will automatically credit into the customerís bank a/c.

    Your money will be refunded to your bank account, which you used to make payment for booking your tickets. You can get it credited within the maximum of 15 days. But in rare case; some may not get that back in their account.

    If that is the case, either make a call to the customer care or mail to IRCTC. You can get all the contact information from the official website.

    Hope, you will get your money back!!!

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    Sarpras has described detaily on how Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) work while transaction fails.

    To Surpass this thread I wish to add information related to IRCTC helpline

    Customer Care Number:-
    011 - 39340000
    044 - 25300000

    Email ID:-

    Register Office Address:-
    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
    No. 16, 9th Floor, Bank of Baroda Building
    Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001
    Tel:- 011-23311263, 23311264
    Fax:- 011-23311259

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