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Thread: Scuba diving in Cochin

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    Scuba diving in Cochin


    Scuba diving is a good water sport and I have a great passion towards it, and decided to learn it. But the duration should be not exceeding a month. I heard that scuba diving training is conducted in Cochin, and I felt happy about it but I do not know much about it, Do you guys know about it? If so! Please give the details regarding it.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, it is an adventurous sport!!! I would like to share some information regarding Scuba diving in Cochin.

    In Cochin they are conducting an open water diver course which is the basic scuba diving course and the duration of the course is 26 days as you wished. First they will train you with open water diving course.

    Initially the training will be given in a swimming pool through this your confidence level gets increased. With the help of the safety drills and advanced skills provided by the instructors you can dive even in the deeper water also.

    15 Dives, 18 Training pool sessions and 4 Academic sessions are included in this course. You can get familiarization with the equipment and Standard Log Book used for scuba diving. After the completion of the course you will become a PADI Certified diver.

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