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Thread: Kannada hit songs 2012

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    Kannada hit songs 2012

    Hello People…. I want to know the latest songs in Kannada 2012. I am a great lover of music. Most of the time I like to spend time on listening to songs. I tried looking at various sources but unfortunately did not find the information.

    I am posting in this forum to get genuine replies. Please reply to my post.

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    Hi Friend,

    I am also a great fan of music especially listening to kannada songs. I just love them. There are many songs in kannada which just blow my mood when I listen to them. Since you’re asking for hit songs of 2012 I have listed them. Listen and enjoy.

    Romeo – Aalochane
    Anna Bond - Hoova kodbedi love aithadhe
    Lucky - Hoovina santhege bandiro gallige
    Raajadhani - Midiva Ninna
    Govindaya namaha - Pyaarge agbitaithe
    Jum Jumka - Katari Veera Surasundarangi
    Addhuri - Ah Ammate
    Alemaari - Neeli Neeli

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