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Thread: Best north Indian restaurants in Bangalore

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    Best north Indian restaurants in Bangalore

    Hi all,

    We are planning for a family vacation to Bangalore and I heard that Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise and it is famous for north Indian dishes, since my parents love north Indian dishes, i decided to take them to the best north Indian restaurant. Can you tell me some of the popular north Indian restaurants in Bangalore?

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    Yes I agree with you Bangalore is the best place for the north Indian dishes and you can find lot of restaurants in Bangalore there are many hotels which provide you north Indian dishes only north Indian hotels can provide you the original north Indian dishes.

    In order to experience the original flavor of those dishes you can try with the below mentioned north Indian restaurants;

    Sahib Sindh sultan (mughlai)
    Samarkhand (frontier)
    Sultans of spice koramangla
    Gud dhani
    The great indian thali
    Fill & chill

    Enjoy a happy evening with your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Smile Best north Indian restaurants in Bangalore

    Chandini Chowk will have you smitten by its kitschy charm the minute you walk in....its an amazing restaurant in banglore.....

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