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Thread: Most popular books for kids

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    Most popular books for kids

    Hello everybody,

    I have a 3 year old boy who loves coloring, sometimes I will give him some drawing books in which he does coloring, I thought of buying him lot of coloring books ,so that he will be able to enjoy coloring as well as learn many things from that.

    Would you guys please suggest me some of the most popular books for kids?

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    There are lots of books you can give it to your children, since your son loves coloring you can surprise him by giving some coloring books. Navneet have come up with lot of attractive coloring books which will help your kid to experience the art of coloring.

    The below are some of the most popular books which you can give to your kids:

    • “My big book of drawing”
    • My first book of dot to dot
    • Wipe and color vegetables
    • Disney fairies Remarkables
    • Learn to draw birds
    • The princess and frog-Join the dots

    Surprise your child by giving him the above mentioned coloring and I hope that he will definitely enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chacha chothari is most popular comics book in India for kids.

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    rangeela book of drawings
    panchtantra story books

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