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Thread: Procedure for applying marriage certificate

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    Procedure for applying marriage certificate

    We got married recently and we do not have the marriage registration certificate,so we are planning to apply for the marriage certificate which is the documentary proof of our marriage, can you people tell us the various procedures involved in it?

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    Applying for the marriage certificate is not a simple one there are lot of procedures involved in it
    If you are getting married as per Hindu act you can get your marriage registered either under section 8 of the Hindu marriage act by the registrar of the district where you got married by providing the certificate from the priest who performed your marriage.

    The following are the procedure for getting a marriage certificate

    First and the foremost thing to be done is you need to fill in the application form and you need to provide all the necessary documents which is required for the certificate.
    You are required to provide at least two photograph of your wedding, or you can provide the wedding card and two passport size photograph , age proof of both who got married and the proof of address should be provided
    After providing all the necessary documents the registrar will duly sign the certificate and issue it to you guys

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    Hey you had mentioned that you are married so it important to get the marriage certificate, because that is a legal proof that you are married. You have to register marriages according to law, only then it will serve for various purposes like, changing your maiden name, obtaining your spouse visa etc....one should always register the marriages according to the law of union and state. You can follow the methods provided by haija...

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