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Thread: Kannada top 10 songs 2012

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    Kannada top 10 songs 2012

    I normally go crazy for Kannada songs and I love singing it. In our college they are going to conduct cultural program for the academic year 2012 and there are many events like singing, group dance etc……….I am planning to participate in solo singing and I am confused with which song to sing, even though there are lot of hit songs in kannada I would prefer to sing the latest songs, so that even the audience will not get bored,

    Can you list out the top 10 Kannada songs 2012?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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    I feel glad that you have chosen to sing Kannada songs for the cultural program. This year there are many hit songs in kannada, Even though lot of songs are coming up there are few songs which remains close to our heart………….
    Here are few songs which I would like to suggest you
    • Aalochane Aaradhane
    • Enendu hesaridali
    • Ellello oduva
    • Paravashanadenu
    • Gaganave Baagi
    • Tanmayaladenu
    • neerali sanna
    • Hoovina santhege
    • shilu shilu
    • hago hego iddhe naanu
    There were many hit songs at the end of the year 2011 I have mentioned even those songs

    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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