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Thread: Anna University Chennai revaluation rules for 2012 may/june results..

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    Anna University Chennai revaluation rules for 2012 may/june results..

    I am a candidate and passed in all subjects. But one subject got E grade. I am now thinking about revaluation. I have a doubt that if I go for revaluation, after revaluation is there any possibility for downgrading the published results or grade. Now I have passed with E grade. Is there any possibility to fail after revaluation if my revaluation mark is less...????

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    Yes, there are chances for marking you failed....

    There are few invigilators at educational board who show some courtesy by giving grace marks for candidates who have secured first grade marks in all subjects and except for one which has failed marks, in this case if you tend to give for revaluation obviously ul be marked failed, if you think that you have performed well and have 100% confident on your answer sheet, with no further delay you can move forward and apply for revaluation.....
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