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Thread: Simple onam pookalam designs

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    Simple onam pookalam designs

    Hello People,

    I am Shreeja Nair. I am looking for the simple onam pookalam designs for this onam. I am newly married and I had never been used the designs. Please help me giving the designs and I would make use of it for this onam.


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    Pookalam is created during Onam which is a special arrangement used to make it to look very creative. Pookalam is designed using many flowers in a circular shape.


    For Pookalam we can use many elements like flowers, leafs etc to get a perfect design. Draw a huge circle and divide into 10 parts. Divide the circle into several parts. Now draw inner circles as many as possible. Then start using the elements inside like flowers etc.


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    Hi Shreeja,

    Hope you remember the compass drawing which we used to do in our school period.. in the same drawings and rangolis you have to do here for example the huge circle with flower petals and decorate it with colorful flowers and light a lamp in the middle. it will be awee

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