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Thread: Relationship between mother and daughter

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    Recently I found few love letters from my daughter's school bag. I come to know from the love letters that the affair has been running for a long time. I kept the love letters as it is. She didn't come to know that I have revealed their relationship. I am anxious to talk with her, but I afraid it may hurt and strain up our relationshp. It is not the age to fall in love and divest time.

    What has hurt me emotionally is that she has been telling lie for a long time, telling me she is going to tuition.

    What should I do? Should I talk frankly or remain calm without talking about her relationship?

    Being a mother is traumatic. You could understand my mental balance.

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    Dear Mithilesh,

    I can understand the emotional hurt that you are undergoing presently. I believe the best way to handle is not to confront and make a fuss of it with your daughter in this topic. Handle it maturely. With warmth and caress the problem could be resolved. Just at a peaceful time talk to her and convey your anxiety. Involve her in the conversation and say the what is wrong in the relationship. I believe she will understand and will make a point to follow your instruction.


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    you have to handle it delicately, become friends with your daughter and make her understand the vibility of this relationship,if possible then communicate with the boy's parents also.

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    come on Mithilesh!
    you can't sit quite she is your daughter and it is your responsibility to tell her about right and wrong. talk to her in a friendly manner and teach her about the limitations of her age

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    You need to talk to her as soon as possible. Take her in confidence and make her understand that this is not the age to fall in love. You will have to handle this situation very maturely.

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    being quite is definitely not the solution as that can lead to further lying..
    and you should sit and have a good conversation with her..
    also i would like to add here that i have started a topic on this site over similar issues.. kindly put your issues and cmnts on it-
    parents indiference towards teenage issues..

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