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Thread: Retirement plan for small business owner

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    Retirement plan for small business owner

    Hey Guys,

    I am planning to take up the retirement plan to make benefits. I want to know about the plans that fulfill my requirements. I am a small business owner opting for retirement plan. Please come out with our good replies.

    Please help me out!

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    Hi Sir,

    Usually I have across the small business owners provide retirement plan for their employees and they themselves ignore to take the retirement plan. I am very glad to see your post that you’re planning for the same. There are many plans that reach your requirement and gives tax benefits for the employees as well.

    The plans available for retirement of small business owners are:
    SEP plan
    SAR-SEP plan
    SIMPLE plan
    H.R. 10 or Keogh plan

    The plans mentioned above offers favored tax for saving the retirement by deducting tax. I hope this information provided by me has fetched you some knowledge.

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