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Thread: Embarrassing Questions Asked By Kids

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    Embarrassing Questions Asked By Kids

    Hello everyone,

    Once I went out for shopping with my younger sister who is ten years younger than me. We were waiting for the bus-stand for a long time. On seeing an ad, she started asking questions to me regarding that. The ad was about AIDS awareness. She posed aplenty of questions, even I donít had an answer for that. I was embarrassed and scolded her to stop.

    I would like to know, the common embarrassing questions asked by the kids? Tell me, whether all the questions to be answered or not?

    Please come forward to share your thoughts and comments!!!

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    Hey friend,

    Kids are always curious to know new things and eager to learn. We cannot predict the questions asked by them, and these questions vary according to the age of the kids. They will embarrass us even in the public and feel very hard to answer that.

    According to my point of view, we should give all the answers to the questions of our child. Let the answer be in the simpler words and easy to understand by them. Give it in your normal voice tone. We should not make them uncomfortable by staring or scolding them. We should know how to tackle all those questions.

    Some of the questions which are asked by the kids in my family are:

    Where do babies come from?
    How do rainbows form?
    How do girls getting pregnant?
    What is the meaning of the word, Ďvirginí?
    How do girls getting their periods?
    Where do people go when they die?

    Hope, you might have come across this kind of questions also!

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