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Thread: Need Degree Certificate for my Career

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    Need Degree Certificate for my Career

    Hi, Sir,

    I am D.B.Jain College (Chennai) 2003 - 2006 batch. I have recently completed my arrears in April 2012. I got offer in CTS they asking degree certificate within one month. Can you please help me is this possible to get degree certificate within one month for Madras University.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Suresh. B

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    Hi Suresh,

    Now getting Certificates from Madras University has been computerized. You can get your Degree Certificates through online. This portal holds the certificates of the students from 70s also. All the information of every student gets digitized and they can get their credentials easily. Make sure that, you have cleared all the electives and the soft skills subjects.

    Send your message with the request and the server will initiate a letter in the required format. Send it to the department head and faculty members and also track the status.

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