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Thread: Advantages of Being a Senior Citizen

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    Advantages of Being a Senior Citizen

    Hi Friends,

    My grandpa, whose age is 59, is going to retire in December, this year. Being a skillful government employee, he doesn’t like to get retired. He was talking with his friends about this. All of his friends and the family members convince him that, it is the right time to enjoy all the benefits of being a senior citizen.

    I am curious to know, what are all the advantages of being a senior citizen in India?

    Please come forward to share your replies here!!!

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    Hey Dude,

    Most of the people dislike this phase of life. I think your grandpa is such kind. It’s impossible to tie the hands of the skilled persons by making them sit simply at home. See, even after their retirement, they never allow them to become lazy.

    Not only the government of India but the management throughout the country values the elderly persons as they have worked hard all these years for the development of the nation as well as the community. Indian Government provides several benefits through its schemes in various sectors of development.

    The following the benefits that can be enjoyed by the senior citizens of India:

    Monthly pension
    Housing facility – recreation and educational centers
    Availing certain discount in terms of purchase of food, medicines and service.
    Tax benefits – loans, tax exemptions on interests, retirement and pension plans, financial planning, etc
    Availing all government policies or schemes, pension related acts/rules and defense personnel
    Health care facilities – medical insurance, government health schemes, concessions, health ailments and treatments
    They are given priority in ticket lines and bus services and benefit discounts on anything from travel to movies to bus-fare to consumer goods.

    Hope, this information could be useful to you!!!

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    Old age is a critical part of life, where we won’t be able to get proper income; we will not be able to do any work on our own and depend on others even for a small thing. Children refuse to look after parents. These are some of the problems of old aged people.

    For each and every thing there are both advantages as well as disadvantages; in the same way even for senior citizens there are some merits or benefits, i would like to share them with you.

    Here it goes;

    • The first benefit is, there is no need of waking up early in the morning, no need of cooking, no office, nothing.
    • We can learn so many creative things like arts, paintings etc...
    • Experience is the wonderful gift for a senior citizen; experience gives them wisdom.
    • They will get pension every month.
    • They will have retirement benefits.

    These are some of the advantages of being a senior citizen.

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