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Thread: Oats Benefits

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    Oats Benefits

    In recent times we see infinite variety of advertisements for Oats product in television, is that food so good for health??
    Once I had bought the instant pack of strawberry flavor and tried preparing at home, seriously it was having yuk tastebut many people tell oats is good for health?? Can somebody list out its nutrition value here??

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    Oatmeal is a noteworthy sources of dietary fiber, this is the major supplement suggested for all diabetics patient... Oat meal has unlimited benefits like:-
    Burns Cholesterol
    Rich in protein
    Stops cravings
    Reduces risk of cancer & heart diseases
    Controls blood pressure
    Maintains ideal physical structure
    Stabilizes Blood sugar
    Kills Obesity

    Nutrition value:-
    Energy - 390 kcal / 1630 kJ
    Carbohydrate- 66 g
    Dietary fiber - 11g
    Beta glucan fiber - 5g
    Insoluble fiber - 6g
    Protein - 17g
    Zinc - 3.97 mg
    Manganese - 4.916 mg
    Vitamin C - 0 mg
    Thiamin (B1) - 0.763 mg
    Riboflavin (B2) - 0.139 mg
    Vitamin - B12 0 mcg
    Vitamin A - 0 IU
    Retinol - 0 mcg
    Niacin - 0.961 mg
    Pantothenic acid - 1.349 mg
    Vitamin B-6 - 0.119 mg
    Total folate - 56 mcg
    Calcium - 54 mg
    Magnesium - 177 mg
    Iron - 4.72 mg
    Phosphorous - 523 mg
    Potassium - 429 mg

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    Eating a bowl of Instant minute oats in the morning is an energetic way to begin your day... And consuming during snack time is the best diet you follow...

    The oat is a hard grain that is cleaned and hulled to give in variety types of products such as steel-cut oats, oat flour, Oat groats, rolled oats, oat bran, quick-cooking oats & Instant oats; all these oats have capability of reducing cholesterol and other heart causing diseases...

    I Would like to add some more set for oats benefits here!!
    1. Helps weight management
    2. Controls type 2 diabetic glucose level
    3. Reduces hypertension & high blood pressure
    4. Oat meal mask is beneficiary for dry and peeling skin
    5. Oats is and anti depressant, this tends to cure problem like anxiety, nervousness & depression.

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    Oats benfits

    Hi friend ,
    Thanks for replying this thread.these tips help my sugar level management.

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    oats is beta-glucans, a soluble fiber which has proven effective in lowering blood cholesterol.

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    Oats is very food for health. Please try a different flavor and you might like it. Its benefits are:

    It is a Low calorie food which stops cravings.
    It provides high levels of fiber and proteins and low levels of fat.
    It stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes.
    It removes your bad cholesterol.
    It contains lignans which protect against heart disease and cancer.

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    United Kingdom
    Thanks for sharing a useful information

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    Cool health

    thanks 4rrrrrrrrrrrrr sharing the information

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    Benefits of Oats

    A few benefits of Oats:
    Eating oats regularly lowers the blood cholesterol level.
    Oats are also a great source of vitamins E, B1 and B2.
    Oatmeal is good for pregnant women as it is full of nutrients such as minerals and fiber.
    Oats provide calories for energy needs.
    The use of oats is very suitable in cases of depression, insomnia, and physical fatigue.

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    Red face

    Whether or not you like Oats, I should and anybody for that matter would say you must have at least once in a day. Preferably in the mornings. Why do I recommend?
    01. Your digestive system needs high fibre which is in abundance in Oats. Lack of or no fibre in body could lead to constipation (I hate that thing, even you would), hemorrhoids, colon cancer, or irritable bowl movement.
    Do I have any other reason to recommend? No. I am pretty sure you eat Oats whether or not you like its taste.

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