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Thread: Kannada Top Songs 2012

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    Kannada Top Songs 2012

    Hi Its a long time for me that I dint listen to any Kannada songs, last couple of days I am listening to Fm 93.5.. I am enjoying with all latest songs I am impressed !! I never know that even Kannada songs has so good collections with melodious music.. Earlier it was only when Dr Raj songs were popular at any functions, Autos and Vehicles every where... But I am here seeking for help from you guys to help me with the list of Top Kannada songs of 2012.. I am eagerly waiting for your replies..

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    Hello I think it has been a long time that you din listen to Kannada music... I can easily make out by your words!! Nowadays Kannada industry is rocking with tremendous music and which heard by all language ppl you know!! here I got few good collection of latest Kannada songs which is too good !!

    Boni Aagada Hruday - Anna Bond
    Manetanka Baare - Rambo
    Oorige Nee - Katari Veera Sura
    Sanchhari Manasu - Godfather
    Smile Vasi - Romeo
    Nee Oddi Bandaga - Shiva
    Thu Anta Ugidru - Addhuri
    Yen Samachara Ri - Jaanu
    Ambika - Katari Veera Sura
    Shiva Shiva - Shiva
    Aalapane Mellane - Godfather
    Appu Appu - Shiva
    Belagedhu Coffee K - Romeo

    You can download and listen to these song if you liked and need some more I will surely help you with some more latest hits...

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