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Thread: Barley Benefits for Babies

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    Barley Benefits for Babies

    Hi all,

    It has been six months since my sister gave birth to a cute little one. He is the first child after our generation. Though she is feeding him properly, he is so puny. Hence, she took him to the best pediatrician in our city of residence. The doctor advised to feed him with barley powder and barley water to develop a strong immune system.

    I would like to know, the health benefits of barley before feeding that little one?

    Waiting for your replies!

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    Barley is a tremendous source of both soluble and insoluble fiber that promises you of overall good health in the long term. Most of the doctors advised the feeding moms to feed their kids with the barley powder and water. The reason is, barley contains vitamin B, Vitamin E and folic acid, along with fiber, niacin and iron.

    Some of the barley benefits for babies are:

    Helps in digestion
    Maintains a healthy colon
    Keeps your body toxin free

    Improves the functionality of heart, pancreas, immune system
    Reduces the chances of colon cancer and hemorrhoids greatly
    Maintains the insulin levels and prevents from Type II Diabetes

    Prevents heart diseases, gallstones, osteoporosis, cancers, asthma, etc
    Strengthens the immune system and reduces the chances of cold and flu.
    Iron in barley improves the blood volume and thus prevents anemia and fatigue
    Copper in barley is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells

    Itís the right time to feed to your little one with barley!!!

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