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Thread: Tips to build confidence in children

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    Tips to build confidence in children

    I have a son aged 6 years, he is reserved type and won’t even talk to his classmate’s friends relatives etc…he will not even participate in any of the completions conducted in school. I am really worried about him. The problem which I found in him is he lack self-confidence, if in this age he is like this then think what will be his situation in the future days. So I thought of building self confidence in him, can anyone give me some tips to build self- confidence in him?

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    Self-confidence is the common thing which most of the children lack. Parents are the one who should build self confidence in their children; here I would like to provide you some tips for that.

    The tips are as follows;
    • Whatever your children do encourage him than discouraging so that his confidence level will go high
    • Give your child a proper guidelines or instructions, which will help him to fall in the track of success so that they will be able to fulfill any given task or responsibility.
    • When a child failed to do something encourage them and tell him to try the same thing until he succeeds
    • Do not forget to express your love towards the children even they are messing up make sure that you communicate with them

    I hope these tips mentioned above will really help you to build self confidence in your child……

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