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Thread: Ways To Increase Hair Growth In Kids

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    Ways To Increase Hair Growth In Kids

    My friend has 4years old baby girl, who looks very pretty and chubby, but one missing thing in her beauty is “less hairs”…This kid has hair loss crisis at this stage itself, everyday she drop more than 40-60 hairs.. Is she bounded with any major issues or its common?? I don’t know what the reason behind it, but somehow we need to increase the growth of her hairs, kindly some of you guys suggest beat ways to develop hair….

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    A child's hair will raise about one quarter inch every month and usually kids with narrow follicles will have fine hair. For a kid losing 40-60 hairs everyday is awful obsession… I think kid is losing hair dramatically because of lack in nutrition… So it is good enough to consult a doctor in the beginning phase itself….

    I would like to share few home remedies to increase hair growth in kids:-
    • Feed them omega-3 fatty supplements.
    • Intake of Zinc rich foods will help to grow faster and healthier.
    • Consuming boiled egg for every meal will intend to develop protein level.
    • Must provide regular hair massage with Almond oil.
    • After shampooing apply virgin coconut oil for hair to the roots

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