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Thread: how to improve immune system in kids naturally

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    how to improve immune system in kids naturally

    HI friends

    Can any guide me how can i improve my kids immune system naturally . share it with me few tips .so it will help me out

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    I will share the few tips hope that will help you out

    Sleep - Baby should sleep well for their age
    Fluids make sure baby should drink lot of water, fruit juice, and milk
    Make baby to to eat fruits, & veggies like straw berries , papaya tomato, sweet potato

    This all the few tips which will improve immune system in kids naturally

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    GOLD - i know very costly but incereases immunity

    According to ayurveda, Gold helps to build immune systems in babies or anyone.

    I use to follow below

    i bought 1gm gold ring specially for my baby

    1. i use to put it in milk while boiling or in water as well which i use to give him
    2. i preapred special cow ghee by putting this ring and milk together and boil it till all milk evaporates so that the gold is mixed well with ghee.this ghee can be used in his baby food
    3.We give gutti to babies till 1 or 1 1/2 yr .We get something called gutti puda it has ll the necessary things like badam kharik(dried dates) and lot other thing i dont even know english names.we rub all those things on stone with spoon of milk and also same gold ring should be rubbed in guti and given to babies.

    It may sound different but ya i did all this for my child

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    Hey friend,

    Really, it sounds strange!!! After reading your reply, I searched through many of the websites and came to know that gold is used in Ayurveda since ancient times for improving memory, intelligence and to strengthen the immune system.

    But gold is processed with some of the medicinal herbs before giving to the little ones. I am not sure of the method you’re following will give some negative impacts on baby or not. Whatever the food may be, consult with your pediatrician before feeding them.

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    hema is right dont feed ur baby anything jus like that except natural diet ...

    frst why u are thinking that ur baby s immune system is weak ?.

    what his age ?...

    give him protein rich diet ... if eat non veg ...then egg is best .... meat , fish ... milk , soyabean , pulses ... fruits n vegetables ....

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