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Thread: Lok Adalat Registration Procedure

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    Lok Adalat Registration Procedure

    Hi everybody!
    My friend has some property problems with her family members. She wants justice in this case. I came to know about Lok Adalat (Peopleís Court), but I donít have the exact details about the Registration Procedure in Lok Adalat.

    Can anybody please help me by providing the details of Registration Procedure in Lok Adalat?
    Awaiting for your replies..

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    Hi Baby Princess
    First of all I adore you because of your helping nature..
    Your friend is really lucky to get a helping person like you in his/her life..

    Anywayss Ms.BabyPrincess..
    I would like to share some information about Lok Adalat that can help you in some or the other way..

    How To Approach?
    BabyPrincess, First of all your friend need to fill the application form..
    You can download the application form from the following website - http://dlsa.nic.in/form1.pdf.
    You can find all the details of the documents and proofs in the application form.

    Whom To Approach?
    With this application form along with valid proofs you can approach anyone among the following:

    - the Senior Civil judge nominated as the chairperson of the Mandal/Taluq Legal Services Authority;
    - the Secretary, District Legal Services Authority at the district level;
    - the Secretary, High Court Legal Services Committee at the state level;
    - the Secretary, Supreme Court Legal Services Committee at the higher level;
    - the member secretary of the state legal services authority;
    - the magistrate before whom s/he is produced;
    - or the custodial authorities, if under detention.

    The person who claims legal aid has to file an affidavit of his income.
    The most important condition is both the parties in dispute should agree for settlement through Lok Adalat and accept its decision.

    The Award passed by Lok Adalat is the decision of the Court itself by the simple method of conciliation instead of the process of arguments in the Court.

    Another important condition is that once both the parties agree that the matter has to be decided by the Lok Adalat, and then any party cannot walk away from the decision of Lok Adalat.

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    Hello baby princess......

    Lok adalat is one of the main systems of alternative dispute resolution; more people depend on this for all problems. In other words it is considered as peopleís court. The main principle of this lok adalat is the policy of Mahatma Gandhi. Whatever problems it may be, lok adalat can deal everything; right from marriage disputes to criminal cases. These are usually presided over by social activists, retired judges and other members from legal profession. I know about this, but i am not aware of the registration process. I think it will be better if you try with the registration procedure mentioned by bkrag.

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    Hey Guys!!

    Thanx a lot for sharing such a useful information guyss.... I would like to know that can we take any kind of issue to lok adalat?? for ex: Land problems? please share your valuable reply here ...

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